Physicochemical self-organizing phenomenon of starch with chemical substances

日本化学会 第96回(2016年3月) 春季年会 予稿集
(Fac. Life and Medical Sci., Doshisha Univ.) MATSUURA, Hirosato
Keywords: self-organization; starch; physical chemistry; physicochemical
Abstract: Amylose and amylopectin are co-located in starch, and its ratio is different depending on plant. We have found that it affects in the process of drying starch and generating cracks. Furthermore, we have observed a self-organization of starch in the following experiments using corn starch. We prepared dispersion of corn starch with glucose in water and allowed to air dry for 7 days at room temperature(23℃), then got results showed below. Glucose part gathered in the inner of dish that because glucose molecules tried to continue staying wet part during mixtures come to dry from the outside of dish. Also we found crack patterns are different as orthogonal cracks are in the outer part, and orthogonal cracks are in the inner part. The presence of chemicals make important role on the drying process and can control cracking.
(同志社大 生命医) 松浦弘智

fig.1 Microscope image of corn-starch

fig.2 Typical cracks after drying of corn-starch and glucose mixture

Matsuura, Hirosato "Physicochemical self-organizing phenomenon of starch with chemical substances", Chemistry Society Japan Abstract, March, 2016, URL:,
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