start open science in chemistry area

hi, i am a japanese semi-pro scientist ;), i am from graduate school
without PhD, and work for companies as software engineer and work with
strong influences from open-sources movement (i am 45, so just like Linus Tovales
generation..). btw, my major is chemistry, and i began to teach in
a university as part-time-lecturer for 3 years. recently i made a big? discovery
in simple experimental system. i use for example graphite and ethanol for
a sample combination of substance, and these substances make chemical
reaction especially under existence of light or tempareture local differences.
i call this phenomenon, “Grol phenomenon” and has opened very short summary at .
as you notice from my domain and background, i came to open all my handlings about
“Grol phenomenon”, after i have read your book, instead of patent, hide and report
in journal, professional way of science…(even i have will to report in journals
after discussions with maybe all another “Grol” contributers, and still contributers
let me write papers). i have read your book before “Grol”,
but now your book is a guide for me how to make paths of “Grol” evolution.
yes, this phenomenon is like a “Linux” in chemical world.
like Linux in OS software world, this is simple, cheap :) and free to use,
safe, open for anyone can learn receipe and get substances, easy to understand and try,
and this is most important but have potentials in advance, we can draw big picture
with this “Grol phenomenon”, maybe. ye..yes, you maybe read my mind, i am a little bit
nurvous of open whole things about “Grol”, maybe i will loose my opportunity to publish
my first paper(during doctor course, i was very but graduate student, and had no time
to write papers, instead of that i was so busy about mu computer programming project..),
maybe i will loose the job oportunity, yes in japan it is same situation, no
reviewed/refleid journal papers, no scientific parmanent professional posts/jobs.
ok, i can make money with another programming/engineering skills, then release “Grol”
in public and see and manage reactions from all over the world. yes, i am very exciting
meet small but important grobal reactions about “Grol”. ok, let’s try.
from 24Mar to 27Mar 2016, Chemical Society Japan hold Annual Meeting at Doshisha University
KYOTANABE campus where i have class. there is Forum titled “Chemistry and Journal”
at “S8” and they have very tiny session about open science, abouit 5 min. something,
but i hope active discussion there, and many publishing company have their booth in
Meeting, such as Elsevier/Nature(asia)/Springer/CSJ(Chemical Society Japan)/
The Institute of Physics(IOP) Publishing(U.K.)/American Chemical Society/KODANSHA/MARUZEN/
will be listed .

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