EKAW 2016 in Italy, November

CALL FOR POSTERS AND DEMOS 20th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2016) Conference days: 19-23 November 2016, Bologna, Italy Paper submission: September 9, 2016 Web site: http://ekaw2016.cs.unibo.it/?q=call-for-posters-and-demos from [open-science] EKAW2016 – Call for Posters and Demos / lists.okfn.org

php code to download quake map of month in japan from tenki.jp

php code to download quake map of month in japan from tenki.jp

Open data info. in Japan

Soumu ICT | make it run Open Data Strategy http://www.soumu.go.jp/menu_seisaku/ictseisaku/ictriyou/opendata/ Open DATA METI | METI OpenData cagalog list http://datameti.go.jp/ Open data and opened data MATOME(Summary) | NAVER http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2135883023685089601 about OpenData | e-Gov http://www.e-gov.go.jp/doc/opendata/ DATA GO JP http://www.data.go.jp/ (datago.jp) VLED Open and Big Data Apply Local Act Organization http://www.vled.or.jp/ OpenData Apply Platform http://linkdata.org/ Data for Japan Read More …

crowd funding in science

you can find crowd funding in science here http://fundedscience.com/resources/portals-for-research/ and i have found Experiment is a great service but only in U.S.(now 2016 spring, they have plan expand Canada, U.K., Australia ..). another global candidate will be https://www.endeavorist.org/#!/faqView https://www.instrumentl.com/faq http://www.pozible.com/list/pop/20/0 https://walacea.com/ and you are Japanese, “academist” is also one.