crowd funding in science

you can find crowd funding in science here and i have found Experiment is a great service but only in U.S.(now 2016 spring, they have plan expand Canada, U.K., Australia ..). another global candidate will be!/faqView and you are Japanese, “academist” is also one.

os japan communication tool

i already made @opensciencejp account on twitter, and followed by @ openscience . this is public resource so i have share relateds about access. and how about other communication tools, especially mailinglist? yes, i can create one on GoogleGroups or something. if want official children at will be good. — i found , Read More …

Wikipedia openscience

i noticed no japanese page about open science at Wikipedia i start translation at least “Open_science”

96th CSJ Annual Meeting ’16

attended 96th Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting(2016), and have communications with Japanese staff in CSJJ(Chemical Society Japan Journal), Thomson Reuters, nature asia, SPRINGER, Elsevier.thank for your reply, Neilsen-san. yes i know you are specialist in quantum physics, sorry for your time. i had communications at Chemical Society Annual Meeting with Japanese staff in CSJJ(Chemical Read More …